The Baseball Arm Trainer

From the "father" of back arm action for hitting and throwing, Major League hitting analyst and instructor, Dr. Chris Yeager.

isoBaseball Arm Trainer

Start Adding Power to Your Swing or Throw almost Immediately

Increase your hitting power with The Baseball Arm Trainer, the best baseball training device ever developed for hitting and throwing.

The Baseball Arm Trainer is designed to help developing baseball and softball players, involved parents, coaches and professional level players reach their maximum level of performance.

Correct Back Arm Swing Deficiencies Almost Instantly

Developed by Dr. Chris Yeager, a PhD in Human Performance and Major League Hitting Instructor and Analyst, The Baseball Arm Trainer was developed with a science-based approach to maximize the potential of any player.

Most hitting instruction(and throwing instruction) has virtually left out 1/3 of the swing during instruction and that is the proper action of the back arm during the hit and throw. Isobaseball is on a mission to change this.

It's simple. It's straight forward, and the Baseball Arm Trainer teaches quickly and effectively.

Develop the Rhythm, Joint and Muscle Movements of Pro Hitters.

The arm is where the throwing motion in the baseball swing is felt, so it makes sense to perfect the proper arm movements first. Why does virtually no one do this?

One of the most critical parts of the swing has virtually gone ignored. Are coaches not watching the back arm action of great hitters? IsoBaseball is going to teach you this critical back arm action pattern and show you how to use the Baseball Arm Trainer.

We have the answers and the training to the eternal coaching question "Should the back arm elbow be up, down, or relaxed?"

You must focus on the long bone in the upper arm for proper back arm action - lift, lower and rotate the humerus at the shoulder joint. Work the shoulder joint. Feel the shoulder joint. Be relaxed at the shoulder joint. Wrist and hands should have minimal movement during proper back arm action when loading and then attacking the ball.

This universal back arm action pattern is used in multiple sports and by most great players such as infielders, catchers, hitters and quarterbacks.

The Baseball Arm Trainer is the only device ever created to engrain this critical and proper back arm pattern during the loading and attack phases of the swing and throw.
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