The Baseball Arm Trainer

Winner of the 2011 Best In Show award at
the Nashville ABCA Convention.

If you are not the hitter you want to be, chances are it's your back arm action. You need The Baseball Arm Trainer!

"Back arm action is the most critical part of the elite level baseball swing and has for the most part been ignored in training. Fully 1/3 of your swing power comes from proper movement of the back arm." - Dr. Chris Yeager

Are coaches not watching the back arm action of great hitters?

Work the shoulder joint. Feel the shoulder joint. Be relaxed at the shoulder joint. No rhythm, no power. The Baseball Arm Trainer will teach you great rhythm at the shoulder joint and eliminate unnecessary movement of the hands and wrist.

isoBaseball Arm Trainer

The Baseball Arm Trainer is the only device ever created to engrain the critical and proper back arm pattern during the loading and attack phases of the swing and throw.

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